The Department of Judicial Administration on Saturday introduced ‘Keyli‘, a speech-to-text application for legal transcriptions.

While court hearings are currently recorded and later transcribed by administrative staff, taking approximately 30 minutes to manually type a five to seven-minute recording, the application could make the process near instantaneous.

The application, developed by a team of Maldivian developers over three years, was launched on Saturday by Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan.

With the introduction of Keyli, courts will be able to process statements rapidly and on a daily basis, thus providing a convenient solution to the problem of trial delays caused by slow processing of written statements — time in custody for those who are held until the end of the trial will also be shortened to an extent due to the new workflow.

According to the courts, there are currently 1,597 hours of recordings for 2021 and 2,354 hours for 2022 that need to be transcribed.