The Maldives’ collective Islamic faith and national purpose will be key in guiding his administration, President-Elect Mohamed Muizzu said on Tuesday in a statement commemorating the Day Maldives Embraced Islam. The event of the most historical significance to the Maldives was the nation’s embrace of the Islamic faith,” he said.

In his statement, Muizzu highlighted Islam as the true foundation of freedom, noble customs, a rich culture, and unity.

“The fact that we have remained a 100 percent Muslim country since then is an example to the whole world,” he added.

While acknowledging the various intellectual, economic, and strategic challenges that lie ahead, Muizzu said that the Maldivians will face these challenges by prioritising the nation and the interests of its people.

The PPP-PNC and unity government to be formed on 17 November will be one that gives priority to the people’s Islamic faith and national purpose. [It will be] A government that upholds the sovereignty and pride of this nation… A government that maintains the unique livelihoods and relationships of the people, and elevates the standing and reputation of Maldivians in the world arena,” Muizzu said in his statement.