The Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has imposed a ban on the importation and sale of 15 medications manufactured by Seven Stars Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., a Thailand-based drug manufacturer. This measure follows a significant recall initiated by the Thai Food and Drug Administration concerning some of the company’s pharmaceutical products.

In a statement, the MFDA highlighted that the recalled medications are not on its list of approved drugs; however, the authority has raised concerns due to the frequent travel of Maldivian citizens to Thailand for medical purposes. The MFDA’s alert was prompted by the fact that individuals often import medications from Thailand for personal use.

The Thai FDA’s recall was prompted by the discovery of harmful chemicals in sorbitol, an excipient used in the production of the drugs by Seven Stars Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The medicines in question were found to be manufactured using a falsified batch of 70 percent Sorbitol, potentially posing health risks to consumers.

The MFDA published the list of the 15 medicines recalled by the Thai FDA and has advised caution among those acquiring medicine from pharmacies in Thailand. Additionally, the MFDA has called upon commercial ports in the Maldives to monitor medicinal imports closely to prevent the entry of these recalled drugs into the country.