The government has refuted opposition claims that it has suspended infrastructure development projects initiated by the previous government. The main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which led the preceding administration, had accused the Muizzu government of discontinuing ongoing projects, particularly those in the outer islands, since its inauguration in November 2023.

Categorically denying these allegations, Dr Abdulla Muththalib, the Minister of Construction and Infrastructure, expressed the administration’s commitment to resuming work on projects that had previously been stalled.

In response to the allegations, Muththalib, via the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), clarified that 64 projects were either stalled or not progressing when the Muizzu government assumed office. He further stated that work has been restarted on 32 of these projects.

Muththalib elaborated, “Out of the 64 projects commissioned to MTCC [Maldives Transport and Contracting Company] and RDC [Road Development Corporation] were subsequently stalled, we have successfully reinitiated work on 32. It is also important to note that an additional 83 projects, contracted to the same entities, are yet to commence.”

The Solih administration had embarked on a policy of equitable development across all islands, irrespective of their size and population. This policy had seen the launch of nearly 2,000 infrastructure development projects across the country, with a significant focus on the outer islands.

Muththalib further emphasised the Muizzu government’s objective to “commence work on the stalled projects as soon as possible,” revealing that numerous projects commissioned to FENAKA Corporation, Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), and some private parties were either not started or had stalled after being started.

He disclosed that 98 projects mobilised during the previous administration had been stalled for various reasons, including difficulties in acquiring fuel. “When we came to power, MTCC had a pending fuel bill to FSM [Fuel Supplies Maldives] worth MVR 55 million,” Muththalib said in an interview with a local media outlet.

Of the stalled projects, 18 road construction projects commissioned to RDC had been delayed. However, Muththalib stated, “We have initiated work on 18 previously stalled [road] projects. President [Muizzu] strongly desires to kickstart all stalled projects within three months. This urgency is the driving force behind our current efforts.”