The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), throughout its investigations last year, determined that the state has to recover more than MVR 74 million, however, only MVR 200,000 has been recovered so far, the commission detailed in its annual report.

In the report released on Thursday, the ACC said that although recovery of funds is not part of the commission’s responsibilities under the law, it has taken the initiative to follow up to ensure that funds are recovered.

The commission determined the total recovery amount at MVR 74,159,720.53 across 15 cases investigated last year. The commission also followed up on whether any of the MVR 50,370,521.75 the state has been actively seeking to recover has been received, according to the report.

“… Of these cases, a total of MVR 234,531.57 has been recovered by the state over five cases,” the report said.

This is the second highest number determined by the ani-corruption watchdog in the past five years. The highest was in 2019 where more than MVR 160 million was identified for recovery.

The ACC’s annual report said 1,151 cases were submitted to the commission last year, with most cases filed anonymously — 561 were reported anonymously.

Of the cases filed with the commission, 742 were registered last year. Among these, 65 were employment-related, 155 were procurement-related, 216 were housing-related, 56 were land/building rental-related, six were leasing of islands-related, nine were permits/licenses-related, four were trainings/scholarships-related, two were loan schemes-related, 64 were elections-related, 20 were payments and remuneration-related, and 112 were related to the use of state funds/resources. Additionally, 33 cases fell under other miscellaneous filings.