President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has chosen MP Mohamed Aslam, leader of the MDP parliamentary group and a three-term MP, as his running mate for the upcoming presidential election.

The official announcement was made by MDP spokesperson Anas Abdul Sattar on X, formerly known as Twitter, who congratulated Aslam on his appointment as the vice-presidential candidate. The decision comes after much speculation about potential contenders for the position, and Aslam’s selection marks a significant moment in the party’s electoral strategy.

Aslam, known for his long-standing association with the MDP since its inception, has played a pivotal role in the party’s growth and evolution. With extensive experience as a three-term MP, Aslam has been a key figure in the parliament and has worked closely with President Solih on various legislative matters.

While Aslam’s potential nomination as President Solih’s running mate had been the subject of intense speculation, neither the MDP nor Aslam had provided any official comments on the matter until now.

President Solih’s decision to pair himself with Aslam as his running mate sets the stage for an exciting and competitive presidential election as the deadline for filing nomination papers set to expire on Monday, 7 August, and all eyes will be on the remaining political parties as they finalise their candidates for the crucial electoral contest.