President Mohamed Muizzu has called on the nation to appreciate the blessings from Almighty Allah in his message for Eid al-Adha and urged Maldivians to engage fully in Eid celebrations within the framework of Islamic teachings and Maldivian traditions. The president’s address, ahead of the festival known for sacrifice and charity, also included a call for solidarity with the people of Palestine amidst Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.

In his message, President Muizzu stressed the importance of aligning celebrations with the principles of Islam and the heritage of the Maldives, advising against practices that contradict religion or Maldivian customs. He advocated for Eid to be a time for promoting Islamic values, extending kindness, performing charitable acts, and intensifying prayers for relief from adversities.

The president also voiced support for the Palestinian cause, citing the ongoing military offensive in the Gaza Strip that began on 7 October 2023. He called on Maldivians to keep Palestinian Muslims in their prayers, reaffirming the Maldives’ stance against the violence faced by Palestinians and in support of the liberation of Masjid al-Aqsa.

In closing, President Muizzu highlighted the importance of family and community during Eid. He encouraged families to allow their children to experience the festive atmosphere, engage in games and activities that strengthen bonds, and instill pride in their heritage and religious practices.