President Mohamed Muizzu has nominated Abdul Raheem Abdulla as Speaker and Ahmed Nazim as Deputy Speaker for the upcoming 20th parliament. These nominations were proposed during a meeting on Wednesday at the President’s Official Residence, Mulee-Aage, attended by senior officials and elected members of the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC).

Abdulla, chairperson of the PNC and lawmaker-elect for the Fonadhoo Constituency, is currently serving as Senior Minister at the President’s Office. He played a key role in Muizzu’s election as president in 2023.

President Muizzu has also proposed the appointment of Ahmed Nazim, the lawmaker-elect for the Dhiggaru Constituency, as Deputy Speaker of the upcoming parliament. Nazim, who previously held the position of Speaker in the 18th parliament, faced a challenging period following a corruption conviction, which led to a 25-year prison sentence. However, the Supreme Court later overturned his conviction.

At the meeting, the president also proposed Ahmed Falah, elected to the Inguraidhoo seat, to lead the PNC’s parliamentary group, and Ahmed Shujau, elected to the Baarah seat, as the senior deputy leader. Additional members appointed to deputy leader positions include Ahmed Thoriq, Mohamed Ismail, and Ahmed Shahid, who would represent Mahibadhoo, Villimalé, and Hulhudhoo, respectively.

The 20th parliament is scheduled to be sworn in on 28 May.