Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, while campaigning for Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) parliamentary candidates, said on Thursday that development projects had been halted by the Mohamed Muizzu administration in every island he visited throughout the campaign.

Solih, while speaking to residents at Hanimaadhoo Island in Haa Dhaalu (HDh) Atoll, noted that Maldivians were very concerned about the stalled projects.

“Another thing that people are worried about is that the projects that have been started have been brought to a halt,” he said

Should Muizzu administration aligned candidates receive a majority in parliament, the projects will remain as they are now and stopped altogether, Solih said. Solih went on to say that even with changes in administrations, projects initiated for the benefit of the people should only be halted through proper administrative processes and, while acting as opposition, this would only be achieved if the MDP, as the opposition, received a majority.

“In the next Parliament, rules will be laid down in the implementation of such national development projects and accordingly we will legally ensure that [the projects] can continue even if the administration changes”, he said.

One of the opposition’s main criticisms of the Muizzu administration during the parliamentary campaign has been the halting of projects across the country; a claim that the President and administration officials continue to refute.

There have, however, been complaints from many islands over stalled projects. In some cases complaints, over the past four months, have led to protests.