Qasim Ibrahim, the presidential candidate of Jumhooree Party (JP), has expressed his firm commitment to ensure complete transparency during his leadership, guaranteeing the right to information for all citizens.

Speaking about the current government’s refusal to disclose communications between the heads of states of Maldives and Mauritius in relation to the delimitation of the maritime border between the two countries, Qasim emphasised the significance of these details as a matter of public interest. He assured that a government led by him would not impede the disclosure of such information.

Qasim also raised concerns about foreign military presence in five regions within Maldivian territorial boundaries, which he deemed unlawful. He declared his intent to prevent such ‘illegal’ activities under his presidency.

While discussing agreements pertaining to the formalisation of borders between the Maldives and Mauritius, Qasim criticised the lack of transparency in the process. He emphasised that any citizen requesting information about such public matters should have unfettered access to it.

Qasim made these statements while unveiling the election manifesto of Jumhooree Party. The comprehensive 15-part manifesto places a strong emphasis on the sovereignty of the Maldives in its foreign policy.

The foreign policy agenda outlined in the manifesto includes safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty through border protection, maintaining independence, and upholding Islamic values. 

The policy also highlights the importance of economic diplomacy, fostering foreign aid and investments, promoting climate diplomacy to protect the Maldives’ delicate ecosystems, and raising awareness about environmental threats.

The manifesto also underscores the aim of establishing diplomatic relations with additional countries and advocating for human rights on the global stage.