Seychelles President Wavel Ramkalawan concluded his state visit to the Maldives on Friday, expressing his satisfaction with the outcome and describing it as a tremendous success.

President Solih and President Ramkalawan engaged in official talks during the visit, where they discussed various matters of mutual interest. A joint statement was delivered by the two leaders at the end of the talks, emphasising the importance of their enduring friendship and the commitment to further collaborative efforts. The two countries also signed four key agreement aimed at enhancing cooperation in areas of tourism, air transportation, and youth development.

Upon the conclusion of the visit, President Ramkalawan said: “It has been a highly successful state visit. The relations between Seychelles and the Maldives are now at a higher level. We have now identified various common issues on which we will stand by each other on the international scene. These include climate change, economic development, development of the tourism industry and putting emphasis on the establishment of the Multi-dimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI) and the Loss and Damage fund. ”  

President Ramkalawan also said that “as Indian Ocean neighbours, the support to each other to maintain the Indian Ocean region as a zone of peace and for greater cooperation in the domain of maritime security are also important obligations we will fulfil.”

The joint communiqué issued by both countries at the conclusion of President Ramkalawan’s visit reiterated their strong friendship and shared determination to continue working together for mutual benefit. The document emphasised the commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation and exploring new avenues of collaboration.