The State Trading Organization (STO) Smart Store, the Maldives’ first AI-powered retail outlet, is now operational 24 hours a day. This change in operating hours came into effect on Wednesday, according to the state-owned company.

The Smart Store, devoid of traditional cashiers or sales personnel, demonstrates STO’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer experience. The store is equipped with user-friendly features that promise a seamless shopping experience, setting a new benchmark for convenience and efficiency in the retail sector.

The store employs the innovative Grab and Go concept to streamline the shopping process. This concept, coupled with AI cameras that monitor stock and inventory, significantly reduces shopping time and eliminates the need for traditional checkouts.

Accessing the Smart Store is a straightforward process. Customers are required to download the STO Smart Shop mobile application and complete a simple registration process, which includes providing their banking information. Entry into the store can be gained by either scanning the QR code on the application’s home screen or using the face recognition feature.

The store has a maximum capacity of eight customers at any given time, with individual scanning required for each entry. As customers select items from the store shelves, they are automatically added to their virtual cart in the application.

With the round-the-clock accessibility, cutting-edge technology, and focus on customer convenience, the STO Smart Store, located in Hulhumalé, continues to lead the charge in revolutionising the retail experience in the Maldives.