The transitional committees formed by President-elect Dr Mohamed Muizzu have completed their preliminary investigations into the state of various government agencies, ministries, companies, and institutions, the Office of the President-elect has announced. The committees were comprised of approximately 400 members and were mandated to visit 77 agencies within 21 days.

Spokesperson Mohamed Firzul revealed the update at a press briefing held at the president-elect’s residence M. Dhimyaath on Wednesday. He stated, “Through these reports, we have gained detailed information on the status of ministries, institutions, companies, and agencies. From this point on, the next step is to enhance the work that has been done on policies.”

Firzul also disclosed that some agencies had been identified for special audits, although he did not name them explicitly. “Of these, we have identified agencies, companies, or institutions that need special audits,” Firzul commented, adding that the audit office would be asked to conduct these audits in the coming days. He promised to reveal more details later.

According to Firzul, the findings of the transitional committees will serve as a basis for the new government’s fiscal and economic policies, its first 100-day plan, the transition plan, and the overall structure of the administration. “We consider the fact that the Director-General of Transition was appointed on 4 October and to complete such a massive task in 21 days is a great feat,” he noted.

Speaking about the potential involvement of The Democrats in the transition-related work, Firzul made it clear that there had been no collaboration. “Only members of the opposition coalition comprising of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) are involved in transitional works,” Firzul asserted.

Firzul disclosed that the only dialogue with The Democrats occurred during a meeting with the Director of Transition, Abdul Raheem Abdulla. Proposals made by The Democrats were found to be in line with those of the opposition coalition, focusing primarily on transparency and anti-corruption measures. However, no additional discussions with The Democrats have been conducted since that meeting.

Interim Chairperson of The Democrats, Hassan Latheef, had earlier stated that it was not crucial for the party to receive administrative posts within the new government. According to Latheef, what mattered more was upholding the party’s values if given a chance to contribute.

Firzul concluded the press briefing by expressing general satisfaction with the progress made so far in the transitional phase and reiterating the focus on policy formulation and implementation in the coming weeks.