Club Valencia have paid a combined sum of US$48,000.00 (MVR 740,160.00) in salaries owed to two Spanish players, Borjas Martin and Jose Antonio Dominguez, in an effort to lift the FIFA imposed transfer market ban on the club.

According to a club official, Borjas Martin has been paid upfront a total of US$30,000.00 (MVR 492,600.00) in outstanding salaries for a six-month period, and he has agreed to settle the matter with FIFA. The Spaniard is still owed salaries for two months and the club’s management is working to clear the remaining dues, the official said.

He also confirmed that defender Jose Antonio Dominguez, who had previously played for Valencia, has been fully compensated for his services. Dominguez, who left the Maldives without informing the club, was paid US$18,000.00 (MVR 277,560.00), which included the fine imposed by FIFA relating to his case.

The club still owe salaries to multiple players, and the club’s management is actively working to secure the required funds to settle the outstanding payments.

Despite the club’s financial predicament, they are planning to register new players during the upcoming transfer window later this month.