Hezbollah has released a 9-minute, 31-second drone footage targeting key Israeli sites, including the sea and air ports of Haifa. The video, titled Hoopoe, alludes to both a drone and a mythical bird, suggesting a symbolic significance in the organisation’s narrative.

Published on Telegram, a platform often used by resistance groups for communication, the footage invites viewers to scrutinise important scenes, which include residential areas and military installations around Haifa. However, the authenticity and precise date of filming remain unverified.

The footage reveals sensitive locations such as parts of the Rafael defence factory, Iron Dome batteries, rocket engine depots, David’s Slingshot facilities, and radar installations. If confirmed, the exposure of these strategic sites could significantly alarm Israeli security officials, prompting concerns over Hezbollah’s reconnaissance capabilities and potential operational readiness.

Israeli military has declined to comment on the footage. Meanwhile, international efforts, including negotiations between the United States and France, seek to mitigate hostilities along Lebanon’s southern border, where Hezbollah maintains a strong presence.

Hezbollah’s use of drones, characterised by low-altitude flying and multi-channel communication tactics, poses a persistent challenge for Israeli defence systems. Despite intercepting approximately 150 drones, others have successfully evaded detection.

Amos Hochstein, a U.S. envoy, recently visited Lebanon and Israel, advocating for de-escalation amidst rising tensions. Hochstein’s diplomatic efforts come amid renewed hostilities, including reports of an Israeli drone strike near Tyre and intensified exchanges of drones and rockets between Hezbollah and Israeli forces.