Lahaina town in Hawaii was laid to waste by wildfires intensified by hurricane-force winds. Live video updates depict the Hawaii wildfire, portraying the town’s formerly picturesque landscape now razed to the dust.

United States Senator Brian Schatz, representing Hawaii, took to social media to break the news that Lahaina has suffered near-total destruction. The Hawaii wildfire exacted a toll of at least six lives in Maui County, as reported by local officials on Wednesday.

The disaster has overwhelmed Maui’s hospital system. The surge of burn victims and individuals impacted by smoke inhalation has pushed healthcare resources to their maximum capacity. Firefighting teams are battling to wrest control over the wildfires. First responders, including firefighters and emergency personnel, are engaged in search and rescue operations. The US Coast Guard rescued at least twelve people from the water.

In the meantime, individuals resorted to jumping into the ocean as a desperate means of survival.

The full extent of the destruction remains elusive. Officials assess the damage brought about by the hurricane-fuelled wildfires. Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen Jr. reported the ruin of numerous homes and business structures.

Approximately 2,100 individuals evacuated their homes.

The public is plunged into power and cell phone service outages stemming from the fires’ impact. The extent of the crisis was highlighted by the fact that emergency services, including the crucial 911 system, were rendered inaccessible in West Maui on Wednesday due to the ongoing emergency.

The rapid propagation of the flames has been attributed by the National Weather Service to the influences of Hurricane Dora. Although the hurricane passed Hawaii at a distance, its influence brought with it winds exceeding 60 mph (97 km/h) and low humidity levels. These conditions acted as a catalyst, enabling the rapid spread of the flames.

US President Joe Biden has declared the federal government’s commitment to aiding firefighting and rescue operations.

Approximately 4,000 visitors currently seek passage off Maui, according to Ed Sniffen, a state transportation official. With road closures limiting access to emergency vehicles, the Department of Transportation is implementing swift measures to facilitate the safe departure of tourists from the affected area. The County of Maui has issued a stern plea for visitors to avoid travelling to Lahaina.

The cultural and historical significance of Lahaina, which dates back to the 1700s, has earned the town a spot on the US National Register of Historic Places.

A wildfire has also been raging on the Greek island of Rhodes for several days. The fire has forced the evacuation of thousands of people and destroyed homes and businesses.