Tensions in the Gaza Strip have reached a critical point as the Israeli military is reportedly preparing for a significant offensive by land, air, and sea. The details and timing of the operation remain undisclosed.

Israel has issued a warning to 1.1 million Palestinians living in the northern part of Gaza to evacuate to the southern region. The warning prompted many residents to flee the area, either by vehicle or on foot.

An evacuation route is open from Beit Hanoun in the north to the city of Khan Yunis in the south, as shown on a map provided by Israeli authorities.

The United States has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the region as a show of support for Israel. This move is aimed at deterring any hostile actions against Israel and reinforcing their strategic partnership.

Meanwhile, Iran warns that there will be far-reaching consequences if Israel continues its attacks on Gaza.

The United Nations aid agency has voiced concern about the deteriorating situation in Gaza, warning that the territory is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis due to the ongoing conflict and potential Israeli military action.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began with Hamas fighters crossing the border into Israel. In its ongoing bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip, which began seven days ago, Israel has so far killed over 2,300 Palestinians, including 724 children, and wounded over 9000.

Around 1,300 people were killed in Israel, including both civilians and soldiers, following the initial attack by Hamas.

Hamas, which governs Gaza, has instructed Palestinians to disregard Israel’s evacuation order.

Located in the southern part of Gaza, the Rafah border crossing is currently the sole exit point from the territory. Access through this crossing is under the control of Hamas, which regulates who can pass.

Ongoing discussions are taking place to facilitate the departure of foreign nationals from Gaza via this crossing. However, Egypt’s decision to allow such departures depends on Israel permitting a convoy of aid trucks to enter Gaza.