Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi has accused Israel of obstructing the delivery of aid to the besieged territory. In a news conference alongside his Australian counterpart, Safadi highlighted the consequences of these obstacles. The Jordanian foreign minister pointed out that the block has resulted in meeting only 10 percent of the total needs of over two million Palestinians in Gaza.

While continuing to block the delivery of aid to Gaza, Israel is also carrying out intense attacks on various parts of the enclave. An Israeli strike in Rafah killed an entire family of 12, including children. Since 7 October, Israel has killed 24,285 Palestinians, most of whom were women and children, and wounded over 61,154. The overnight bombing by Israeli forces also killed several hundred Palestinians.

Iran, citing atrocities by the Zionist regime, has vowed to continue attacks after a series of missile strikes in Iraq and Syria. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for an attack in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, resulting in at least four deaths. Iranian state media described the target as an Israeli spy base.

In another development, an anti-ship ballistic missile fired by Houthi fighters struck a US-owned container ship off the Gulf of Aden. No injuries or significant damage were reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli minister Gideon Sa’ar has pointed out that there is no viable alternative to Hamas’s governance in the Gaza Strip. “Hamas is far from being defeated, and there won’t be an alternative to its rule in the Gaza Strip,” Sa’ar stated. Another cabinet minister, Gadi Eisenkot, urged Israeli authorities to work towards an agreement to bring back captives held in Gaza.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant declared that the intense military operation in southern Gaza nears its end. He accused Hamas of psychological abuse in hostage negotiations. This comes as Hamas released a video announcing the deaths of two Israeli hostages, attributing it to Israeli airstrikes.