The Health Ministry in Gaza has revealed that more than 80 bodies have been found in three mass graves discovered within a section of the al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza City, bringing the total number of bodies found in seven mass graves in hospitals across the enclave to over 520.

The mass graves were discovered over the past months after the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Nasser Medical Complex, Kamal Adwan Hospital, and others.

UN Security Council issued a unified call for an independent and comprehensive investigation into the discovery. The graves contain hundreds of bodies, including women, children, and the elderly. The graves were discovered after Israeli operations

Meanwhile, the Israeli military has issued more evacuation orders for Palestinians in eastern Rafah. Israel’s evacuation orders forced tens of thousands of civilians out of the eastern part of Rafah, leaving them seeking shelter outside the city. The UN estimates that over 100,000 people have evacuated the area.

Aid agencies estimate that 110,000 people had already returned north before the latest evacuation order, with an additional 40,000 evacuees adding to the already strained resources and infrastructure of northern Gaza.

Over 1.4 million Palestinians, half of Gaza’s population, have sought refuge in Rafah, many of whom are fleeing previous Israeli offensives. However, the recent evacuations are forcing people to return north, where past attacks have damaged homes and other vital infrastructure.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to delay an attack on Rafah, despite pressure from the US.

Eyewitnesses in Rafah report Israeli tanks advancing towards Salahuddin Road, a crucial thoroughfare that divides the city’s center from the evacuated eastern neighborhoods.

Fierce fighting has erupted in Rafah, with Hamas fighters resorting to guerrilla tactics, including ambushes and improvised explosive devices, in a bid to repel the advancing Israeli troops. Reports reveal Hamas ambush Israeli tanks near a mosque in the city’s east, indicating the penetration of Israeli forces into the outskirts of the built-up area.

As the war rages on, UN aid agencies have warned of an impending humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to dwindling food and fuel stocks. Vital crossings remain shut by Israeli forces amid their military operation in Rafah, placing hospitals at risk of closure.

Since the start of its war on Gaza on 7 October, Israel has killed at least 34,971 Palestinians, majority of whom were women and children, and wounded 78,641 others.