Former President Abdulla Yameen has filed seven motions seeking to exclude certain evidence in the ongoing trial against him on charges of accepting bribes and money laundering. The motions, filed by Yameen and his close associate Ahmed Kariku Riza, include objections to admitting former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb and former MMPRC Managing Director Abdulla Ziyath as witnesses, as well as bank statements submitted by the prosecution and evidence obtained by agencies other than the Presidential Commission.

The motions were heard at the Criminal Court on Sunday and all were explicitly rejected by Judge Ali Nadeem. In rejecting the motions, the judge said the defendants would be given the opportunity to file these motions during the stage of discussing the evidence, and he would take these factors into consideration when making a final decision.

The charges against Yameen and Riza involve alleged acceptance of US$1 million in bribes for leasing Fuggiri Island, Raa Atoll, and the subsequent laundering of the money. They both deny any wrongdoing.

In a previous hearing, Yameen expressed concerns over the police’s seizure of bank account statements without a court order. During the hearing, he emphasised that the police should not have the authority to access bank records without proper legal authorisation, as it would infringe upon individuals’ right to privacy and could potentially harm innocent parties.

Meanwhile, the High Court has scheduled the appeal hearing for the Aarah case to start on Wednesday. This case involves allegations of bribery and money laundering related to the leasing of Aarah Island, Vaavu Atoll. Yameen, who is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence, denies the charges.