Several regions in Spain, including Madrid, Toledo, and Cádiz, have been placed on red weather alert as torrential downpours cause flooding. Storm Dana has led to evacuations, road closures, and the suspension of the Atletico Madrid Vs Sevilla football match.

Storm Dana is expected to persist and bring record-breaking heavy rainfall.

The sluggishly advancing storm, known as a “Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos” or DANA, made its arrival during the weekend, causing rainfall exceeding two inches per hour across extensive areas of western Spain. Residents seek refuge from the downpour.

The Spanish Meteorological Agency urged residents in alerted areas to exercise extreme caution and stay informed about evacuation procedures.

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida Navasqüés advised residents to remain indoors and avoid unnecessary travel.

“Emergency and security services have been bolstered, and protocols to address the DANA have been put into motion since Friday,” the mayor noted on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Given the extraordinary and unusual circumstances, where rainfall records are expected to be shattered, I urge the residents of Madrid to remain indoors today. Please exercise caution,” the mayor added.

Approximately 36 miles from Madrid, in Toledo, Mayor Carlos Velazquez echoed the cautionary message conveyed by Martinez-Almeida, urging residents to exercise the utmost caution. Toledo’s mayor has also shared the emergency operation images on X.

Spanish firefighters have been working to respond to the emergency. Over 190 calls for assistance were made in Madrid alone, primarily related to flooded roads and stranded vehicles. Rescue operations are underway to assist residents in affected areas.

The coastal regions of Alcanar and Tarragona have been reeling from 215 litres of rain per square metre in the past 24 hours. Storm Dana has resulted in debris and mudslides on Spanish roads, adding to the difficulties faced by vehicles in already flooded areas.

Train services have been cancelled in various regions, compounding the transportation challenges caused by the flooding. Drivers have been cautioned to stay off flooded roads in severely affected areas to avoid further complications.