Hassan Mughnee has been withdrawn from consideration for the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB). Minister at the President’s Office for Strategic Communications Ibrahim Khaleel, speaking to local media, said that the administration had decided to withdraw Mughnee from consideration to the PCB as there was an opportunity for him to serve elsewhere. No further details were provided.

President Mohamed Muizzu submitted Mughnee for consideration to the PCB on Thursday. However, his name was not on the list of new board members shared by the PCB on Wednesday.

Mughnee, who had held senior positions in the previous Solih administration, had aligned himself with Muizzu leading into the second round of the presidential election campaign, after Qasim Ibrahim’s Jumhooree Party suffered a huge defeat in the first round.

Mughnee holds a Master of Business Administration with a major in International Business (Finance and Economics) from Brandeis International Business School in Massachusetts, USA. His previous roles include serving as the Minister of State for Environment, Climate Change, and Technology, as well as holding the position of Managing Director at the State Electric Company (STELCO).

Established under the Privatization and Corporatization Act of 2013, the PCB has seven members, including the president and vice-president. While the PCB has the legal authority to appoint members to the boards of government companies, the board had not had a quorum in the three months before the Muizzu administration took office.