Apple has initiated preorders for its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset, priced at US$3,499, with the U.S. release scheduled for 2 February. This marks Apple’s first foray into a new product category since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. However, analysts don’t anticipate the Vision Pro achieving the same sales volume as Apple’s flagship products initially.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring, the success of the Vision Pro is perceived as a longer-term prospect rather than an immediate achievement in 2024. UBS’ David Vogt estimates potential revenue of approximately $1.4 billion for Apple in 2024 if around 400,000 units are shipped. In comparison, Apple’s iPhone revenue in the fiscal fourth quarter alone amounted to US$43.81 billion.

The entry-level Vision Pro, equipped with 256GB of storage and the M2 chip found in select Macs, is priced at US$3,499. Additionally, Apple offers a 512GB model for US$3,699 and a 1TB variant for US$3,899. Positioned as providing a “spatial computing” experience, the headset can function as a virtual reality display for activities such as watching movies or supporting multiple apps and screens simultaneously.

To ensure the best fit, Apple’s preorder website advises customers to use an iPhone or iPad with Face ID. The company is also facilitating a 12-month financing plan, where the US$3,499 model equates to US$291.58 per month. Prescription lens inserts are available for purchase at US$149. Apple unveiled the Vision Pro at its Worldwide Developers Conference in 2023.