Get ready to witness a spectacular display in the sky as Venus and Jupiter come together in a rare celestial event known as conjunction. On the first night of meteorological spring, Wednesday, the two planets will appear to be almost touching each other in the western sky after sunset, creating a stunning glow that is not to be missed.

According to NASA, conjunction occurs when a planet appears to be close to a moon, star, or another planet, and the glare from the largest and brightest planets in our solar system will provide a dazzling view for spectators. Additionally, four of Jupiter’s brightest moons will also be visible.

While the planets have been slowly inching closer to each other over the past few weeks, they are still 400 million miles (600 million km) apart. Nevertheless, the event is expected to create a memorable experience for stargazers.

Conjunctions are relatively common in our solar system due to the planets’ orbits around the Sun in approximately the same plane, known as the ecliptic plane, which creates similar paths across the sky. Although the convergence of Venus and Jupiter has “no profound astronomical significance,” NASA assures us that “they are nice to view.”

To catch a glimpse of this rare event, onlookers from around the world can look towards the western sky typically after sundown, but specific times may vary depending on your location. The conjunction should be visible to the naked eye with clear skies, but using binoculars or a telescope will enhance the view.

Since the planets will be low-lying on the horizon, finding a spot on a hill or avoiding tall buildings for a better view is recommended. So mark your calendars and make sure to witness this awe-inspiring sight that promises to be a stunning display in the night sky.