In 2009, a team of medical pioneers set out to transform healthcare in the Maldives. They envisioned using the latest technology to improve the health and well-being of everyone in the country. From this vision, Medtech was born.

Today, Medtech is the leading provider of medical products and services in the country. The company includes Medtech Diagnostics, Mediflex Laboratories, and Mediflex Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, all working together to revolutionize healthcare.

With a mission to improve quality of life and transform healthcare through modern technology, Medtech has built a network of global leaders in medical technology, with over 70 partners among the largest leading medical device manufacturers. The company ensures quality through a stringent process of quality checks and is known for its supply chain management, having become the leading supplier to almost all healthcare facilities in the Maldives.

Medtech boasts the largest team of biomedical and field service engineers in the Maldives, trained at world-leading training centers in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. This team is responsible for testing, repairing, and maintaining diagnostics and therapeutic equipment in proper operating condition.

Medtech offers a range of services including comprehensive maintenance, annual maintenance, testing and calibration with dedicated test equipment, equipment troubleshooting, and turnkey solutions. The company is committed to consistently providing products and services that exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Under the leadership of Group CEO Ahmed Haikal, Managing Director Mubah Rafeeu, and Chief Technical Officer Ahmed Abdul Rahman, Medtech is dedicated to its vision of contributing towards better healthcare facilities and well-being for Maldivians.