Android users are facing a new threat with the emergence of an app called ‘Bluetooth-LE-Spam’, inspired by the notorious Flipper Zero hardware. This app enables hackers to bombard Android devices with fake Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections, posing as various gadgets like wireless earbuds and smart keys. Once installed, the app impersonates Android’s ‘Fast Pair’ feature, sending bogus Bluetooth requests at intervals as brief as one second.

While the project is in its early stages, security experts have raised concerns about its potential for causing chaos. The app’s operation was verified by Bleeping Computer, which found that the fake Bluetooth broadcasts were detectable by victims’ phones only if they were physically close to the device running the Bluetooth-LE-Spam app. In some instances, notifications were received from a few meters away, although this range was limited compared to the dedicated hardware, Flipper Zero.

One notable consequence of the app’s activity was the disruption of Bluetooth peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Although it may not pose an immediate threat to users, the Bluetooth-LE-Spam app highlights the potential for future disruptions and chaos.

Users concerned about these fake Bluetooth connection requests can protect themselves by adjusting their device settings. Opening the ‘Settings’ app, navigating to ‘Google’, and tapping ‘Nearby Share’ allows users to turn off the feature, safeguarding their devices from potential attacks. Stay vigilant, as this app marks a new frontier in potential disruptive cyber threats.