Apple is scrambling to address a glitch that’s leaving some iPhone users sleeping through their alarms. The issue has sparked frustration among those who rely on their smartphones to wake them up on time, with complaints flooding social media platforms.

One disgruntled TikTok user reported setting “like five alarms” only to find none of them sounded off as intended. Apple has acknowledged the problem but has yet to pinpoint its cause or offer a solution, leaving users in the dark about how to avoid oversleeping.

The extent of the issue remains unclear, with questions lingering over whether it affects specific iPhone models or a broader range of devices. Concerns were first raised by early risers tuning into NBC’s Today Show, amplifying the problem’s visibility.

While an official fix is pending, users grappling with the glitch are advised to take preventive measures. This includes double-checking alarm settings and ensuring that device volumes are set appropriately.

Speculation has arisen regarding the role of Apple’s “attention aware features” in triggering the malfunction. These features, available on iPhone X and later models, are designed to adjust device behaviour based on user interaction. Some users suggest that the features might inadvertently silence alarms if the device detects the user’s attention, such as when their face is turned toward the screen.

Apple has assured users that it’s working swiftly to resolve the issue. In the meantime, those affected may need to resort to traditional alarm clocks to avoid tardiness, trading TikTok for the dependable tick-tock of analog timekeeping.