In a move that heralds its entrance into the automotive industry, Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics giant, is poised to begin the deliveries of its highly anticipated electric vehicle, the SU7, this Thursday. The announcement comes after Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, disclosed the company’s ambitious vision for the vehicle, positioning it as a top contender in the electric car market.

Speaking via his official Weibo account on Monday, Lei Jun outlined the company’s aspirations for the SU7, emphasising its aim to be the epitome of style, ease of driving, and technological sophistication, all at a price point below 500,000 yuan ($69,424). This declaration solidifies Xiaomi’s commitment to delivering a compelling electric car offering.

Since its unveiling in December, the SU7 has garnered significant attention, with Xiaomi setting its sights on becoming one of the world’s leading automakers. Lei Jun’s bold claims about the SU7’s performance, including acceleration capabilities surpassing Tesla and Porsche’s electric vehicles, have further fueled anticipation among consumers and industry observers alike.

In preparation for the official launch, Xiaomi has strategically showcased the SU7 across 76 of its stores in 29 Chinese cities, generating buzz among prospective customers and automotive enthusiasts. The sleek design and attention to detail, particularly in reducing drag, have received praise from individuals like Jim Yan, who lauded Xiaomi’s commitment to originality and value across its product lineup.

However, as excitement mounts, some remain cautious about Xiaomi’s foray into the automotive realm. Concerns about pricing and market reception persist, especially given Xiaomi’s reputation for offering affordable consumer electronics. Nevertheless, Xiaomi’s bold investment of $10 billion in the automotive sector underscores its long-term commitment to this venture.

The SU7 is slated to come in two variants, boasting impressive driving ranges of up to 668km and 800km on a single charge, respectively, outperforming some of its established competitors. Produced in collaboration with a unit of state-owned automaker BAIC Group, Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market represents a significant milestone, particularly amidst China’s evolving automotive landscape.

As the curtains rise on Xiaomi’s electric vehicle venture, all eyes are on the SU7’s official pricing and features reveal, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s journey towards reshaping the future of mobility.