EHang Holdings, the renowned Chinese drone manufacturer, has made a significant stride in the area of urban air mobility. The company has recently unveiled its latest EH216-S model flying taxi, now available for purchase on Taobao, one of China’s leading online marketplaces. Priced at 2.39 million yuan (US$332,060), this futuristic aerial vehicle represents a pioneering step towards revolutionising transportation.

This move comes in the wake of EHang’s attainment of safety approval certification from China’s aviation authority back in October. Such certification underscores the company’s commitment to adhering to rigorous safety standards in its pursuit of advancing aerial mobility technology.

The EH216-S model boasts cutting-edge features designed to redefine urban transportation. With its innovative design and advanced engineering, it promises not only convenience but also reliability and safety in aerial commuting. This offering aligns with EHang’s vision of ushering in a new era of urban air mobility, where flying taxis become a commonplace mode of transportation.

The availability of the EH216-S on Taobao marks a significant milestone for EHang, as it expands its reach and accessibility to a broader consumer base. This move also underscores the growing interest and demand for innovative transportation solutions in China and beyond.