Screenshots and videos of OpenAI’s ChatGPT update have been leaked as the organisation gears up for its first developer conference. The leaked features include a custom chatbot creator with functionalities similar to those already available in ChatGPT using GPT-4. This new version reportedly offers options for web browsing, data analysis, and a marketplace where users can share or browse chatbots created by others.

A user named Choi shared a summary of the rumoured updates, and SEO tools developer Tibor Blaho posted a video showcasing the new UI for the feature. The video demonstrates a GPT Builder option, allowing users to input prompts like “create a chatbot who helps generate visuals for new products.” The builder interface includes tabs for language, tone, and writing style configuration, along with options for naming, describing, and providing instructions to the chatbot. Users can upload files for a custom knowledge base, toggle features such as web browsing and image generation, and add custom actions to the chatbot.

The ChatGPT update includes OpenAI’s plan to launch an enterprise “Team” subscription plan, offering both “Flexible” and “Annual” options. The leaked information indicates that the plan, priced at $25 per user per month, includes unlimited high-speed GPT-4 and extends the context length fourfold. There will also be a three-user minimum requirement for this plan.

Recent additions to the ChatGPT beta have included features like live web results, image generation, and voice chat. OpenAI has announced that they will preview new tools during the upcoming developer conference, offering a glimpse into the advancements in AI technology.