Elon Musk, the founder of Neuralink, has revealed that the first human patient implanted with a brain-chip from the pioneering startup has shown signs of full recovery. Musk shared the news during a Spaces event on the social media platform X, stating that the patient is now able to control a computer mouse using their thoughts.

According to Musk, the progress of the patient’s recovery has been positive, with no reported ill effects. He mentioned that the patient can navigate a mouse cursor on the screen simply by thinking, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the Neuralink brain-computer interface.

Musk also disclosed that Neuralink is currently focusing on maximising the number of mouse button clicks achieved through the patient’s thoughts, indicating ongoing advancements in the functionality of the brain-chip technology.

Neuralink, however, has not yet responded to requests for further details regarding the patient’s progress and the specific outcomes of the brain-chip implantation.

The successful implantation of the brain chip marks a significant milestone for Neuralink, following the startup’s approval for human trial recruitment in September. The procedure involves using a robot to surgically place the brain-computer interface implant in a region of the brain responsible for controlling movement intentions.

Neuralink aims to empower individuals to control computer cursors or keyboards using their thoughts, with the ultimate goal of treating various conditions such as obesity, autism, depression, and schizophrenia through its innovative technology.

Despite the promising developments, Neuralink has faced scrutiny over its safety protocols. Last month, Reuters reported that the company was fined for violating U.S. Department of Transportation rules related to the movement of hazardous materials. Nonetheless, Musk remains optimistic about the future of Neuralink and its potential to revolutionise healthcare through brain-chip technology.