Google has introduced two new AI tools aimed at revolutionising online searches, making them “radically more helpful.” These features, powered by generative AI, are designed to enhance personalisation and user intuitiveness during online searches.

One of the tools, “Circle to Search,” enables Android users to interact with pictures, videos, or text on their screens by circling, tapping, highlighting, or scribbling, extracting more information about the selected content. This feature aims to provide a more interactive and personalised search experience.

The second tool, launched on Thursday, allows users to utilise their mobile cameras to ask questions about objects or scenes in their surroundings. By pointing the camera at an item or uploading a photo, users can seek information and details about the subject. For instance, users could inquire about the rules of an unfamiliar board game encountered at a yard sale.

These features have been in testing since last year and were initially previewed during Samsung’s recent Unpacked event. They are set to debut on the Galaxy S24 smartphone lineup, launching later this month, and will be available on other high-end Android devices, including the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, starting 3 January.

Google’s move aligns with the broader trend in the tech industry, where major players like Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, and others are actively deploying AI technologies to enhance user experiences. The company emphasises that these tools represent just the beginning of what is achievable, hinting at further developments in the field.