Elon Musk’s announcement that SpaceX’s Starlink will provide communication support to Gaza through “internationally recognised aid organisations” has prompted strong opposition from Israel’s communication minister, Shlomo Karhi.

Musk revealed the initiative in a social media post, expressing uncertainty about the authority for ground links in Gaza. The move comes during a severe telephone and internet blackout in the region, isolating Palestinians in Gaza from vital communication channels as Israel’s air and ground assault intensifies.

The blackout, which started on Friday, has exacerbated an already dire situation, hindering life-saving operations and impeding contact with humanitarian organisations’ staff on the ground. International aid groups have voiced concerns about the blackout’s impact on their efforts in Gaza.

SpaceX‘s Starlink, a satellite internet constellation project, could potentially alleviate the communication crisis. However, Israel’s communication minister strongly opposes the move, asserting that Starlink’s technology could be exploited by Palestinian fighters. He has also warned that they might consider severing ties with Starlink if the initiative proceeds without addressing their concerns