Police in Malaga, Spain, showcased a cutting-edge robot dog during a trial patrol in the city centre on Tuesday, delighting onlookers who marvelled at its unique design and capabilities. Developed by researchers at the University of Malaga over a span of two years, the innovative four-legged robot boasts a distinctive green-and-black exterior and is equipped with flashing lights, drawing attention as it traverses the streets.

The robot, designed to enhance police operations and identify traffic violations like the improper use of electric scooters in restricted zones, is currently controlled remotely but is slated to incorporate artificial intelligence for autonomous functionality in the future. Almudena Diaz, one of the researchers involved in the project, emphasised the significance of utilising 5G technology for remote operation, image analysis, and identifying potentially hazardous situations.

Bystanders couldn’t help but marvel at the robot’s clunky gait, with some even playfully mimicking its movements. Additionally, pet owners enthusiastically introduced their furry companions to the mechanised marvel, showcasing the community’s intrigue and excitement surrounding the advancement in law enforcement technology.

The trial patrol not only served as a demonstration of technological innovation but also highlighted the potential for such advancements to revolutionise policing methods, paving the way for enhanced safety and efficiency in urban environments. As the project progresses, the integration of artificial intelligence promises to further augment the robot’s capabilities, marking a significant step forward in the intersection of robotics, AI, and law enforcement.