A technical glitch with Bank of Ireland’s online app reportedly allowed customers to transfer funds and withdraw money from ATMs even if they had insufficient funds in their accounts. The glitch enabled customers to put money into a Revolut digital account and then withdraw it from cash points. Some individuals claimed they were able to access as much as €1,000 (£859), although the bank asserted that the daily withdrawal limit is €500 (£429).

Videos circulating on social media depicted long queues at ATMs in various cities and police guarding pay points. The bank confirmed that a technical issue was affecting multiple services, including the mobile app and online banking portal, 365Online. The bank warned customers that any money transferred or withdrawn over normal limits would be deducted from their accounts.

In a statement, the bank apologised for the disruption and announced that both the app and 365Online were back in operation the following day. It assured customers that any transfers or withdrawals made above their usual limits would be applied to their accounts. The bank urged customers facing financial difficulties due to overdrawing to contact them for assistance.

This incident follows another IT outage at Bank of Ireland in June, although that outage did not result in customers gaining access to funds they didn’t have in their accounts.