MrBeast, the world’s most popular YouTuber, has surprised many by earning over $250,000 from posting a video on X, formerly known as Twitter. The YouTuber had previously expressed skepticism about posting on the social media platform due to what he considered low advertising revenue. However, following a recent U-turn, MrBeast posted an old video on X, which has garnered more than 155 million views.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, has been implementing various strategies to enhance user engagement on the platform, including sharing advertising revenue with high-profile creators. Despite X’s efforts, the platform has faced challenges with declining traffic and decreased advertising revenue.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, had earlier stated that even a video with “a billion views” would not justify posting on X. However, his recent experiment has proven otherwise, with the video generating substantial advertising revenue. MrBeast expressed curiosity about testing the revenue potential on X, acknowledging that his large following might have contributed to higher revenue per view.

The YouTuber plans to give away the money he earned from the X video to 10 randomly chosen people. While the sum earned by MrBeast is substantial, analysts note that replicating such success may be challenging without the massive profile that MrBeast enjoys.

MrBeast, known for elaborate and philanthropic stunts on his YouTube channel, has gained immense popularity, amassing millions of subscribers. His videos on YouTube, where he primarily earns, can generate over $1 million over time. The experiment on X has brought attention to the platform’s potential for creators, even though its dominance in comparison to YouTube remains uncertain.

Elon Musk’s various strategies, including sharing ad revenue, aim to revive X’s fortunes as the platform grapples with user engagement and advertiser-related challenges. Despite the success of MrBeast’s video, the long-term monetization potential on X for creators is yet to be fully understood, especially for those with less prominence.

The experiment by MrBeast serves as a unique case, given his status as the biggest YouTuber globally and the global media attention it garnered. For X, this success is encouraging, particularly for its chief executive, Linda Yaccarino, who has sought to improve the platform’s reputation in the advertising space. As Elon Musk navigates challenges, including concerns about the handling of anti-Semitic content, the performance of high-profile creators on X becomes a notable aspect to address.

Additionally, rumors suggest that MrBeast may be negotiating a show with a major video streaming platform, indicating the significant value he holds in the content creation space. The experiment on X further emphasizes his influence and financial worth.