A groundbreaking device has emerged from its Kickstarter roots, poised to transform the way we capture and organise information. Plaud Note, a slim and sleek gadget, has hit the market with a promise to streamline note-taking processes for iPhone users everywhere.

This innovative device, resembling a card and utilising MagSafe technology, seamlessly attaches to the back of your iPhone. Once affixed, Plaud Note becomes your personal recorder, diligently capturing recordings of calls, meetings, and voice memos on the go. With a dedicated app harnessing the power of ChatGPT, this little marvel goes beyond mere audio capture, generating transcriptions, meeting notes, mind maps, to-do lists, and more.

What sets Plaud Note apart is its impressive capabilities despite its compact size. Boasting up to 30 hours of recording on a single charge and a standby time of 60 days, this device ensures you’re always ready to document important moments. Its 64GB of built-in storage allows for the capture of a staggering 240 hours of audio before space becomes an issue.

However, Plaud Note isn’t constantly recording in the background. Activation requires a deliberate tap on the recording button, conveniently located for easy access. The device’s smart noise-cancellation technology ensures that even in bustling environments, important details are captured clearly.

In recent hands-on demonstrations showcased on platforms like YouTube, Plaud Note has garnered praise for its impressive performance. Whether tucked away in a pocket or used openly, the device excels at capturing audio, even in challenging conditions. However, users should exercise caution, as call recording may be illegal in certain regions.

The integration of ChatGPT technology sets Plaud Note apart from other recording devices. Following audio capture, the companion app transcribes conversations accurately, with ChatGPT organising and summarising content into various formats, including meeting notes, class notes, diary entries, and mind maps.

While digital assistants like Siri and Alexa have their merits, Plaud Note’s AI Voice Recorder offers a unique solution tailored specifically for note-taking and content summarisation. Despite its Rs 13,270 price tag, which some may find steep, Plaud Note proves invaluable for those who spend considerable time on calls, offering a potential lifeline in a sea of information overload.