The Member of Parliament (MP) for Madaveli, Hussain Firsuhan, and the Malé City Council member for North Galolhu, Mohamed Saif Fathih, have secured The Democrats’ nominations for the upcoming parliamentary elections. The parliamentary primaries of The Democrats, a splinter faction of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) established by close allies of former President Mohamed Nasheed, were held Saturday.

Fathih will contest the South Henveiru seat in the parliamentary elections, while MP Firushan will vie for the South Hulhumalé seat. Recently, Fathih contested the mayoral by-election for the Malé City, where he was unsuccessful against the MDP candidate Adam Azim.

Despite initial announcements indicating that primaries would also be held for the Kelaa and Kanditheemu constituencies, The Democrats limited the primaries to two constituencies; South Henveiru and South Hulhumalé.

According to party insiders, 46 candidates, comprising 13 women and 33 men, submitted their nominations to participate in the parliamentary primaries. Most of these candidates secured party tickets as they faced no opposition in their constituencies. The successful candidates have been duly informed and have received their tickets, according to the party.

The Democrats have announced their intention to contest for 41 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for 17 March. On Thursday, the party extended the opportunity for candidates to submit nominations to contest the remaining 52 seats. This window of opportunity will remain open until 6 February.