Eva Abdulla has resigned as Deputy Speaker of Parliament. Her resignation came at the end of her rebuttal remarks to the Parliament on the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s motion of no confidence against her as Deputy Speaker.

Abdulla’s letter of resignation was accepted and read out to the floor whereupon Speaker Mohamed Aslam decided, as acceptance of the resignation, to wrap up debate on the motion of no confidence.

The motion, supported by 50 MDP Member of Parliament (MP)s, to remove Abdulla from the post of Vice-Speaker of Parliament was tabled for Sunday’s session.

“The truth is, Mr Speaker, I used the words, ‘incompetent, arrogant administration’ towards an incompetent and arrogant administration. The truth is that the administration was very displeased with me. And I was very displeased with that administration,” Abdulla said.

The MDP administration, then led by Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, as well as the party’s MPs had been unhappy with the former MDP stalwart, Abdulla, bringing up government corruption, and for her criticism of leadership missteps within the administration, as she sought to cement a reputation for her newly minted, MDP breakaway, ‘The Democrats’ party.

I knew this punishment would come when I talked about ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. I asked the finance minister about remaining staples stock. I inquired about the MMPRC [corruption] issue as well as the inquiry on deaths and why people of Malé were not being awarded land because these issues were not moving forward… I made this the most transparent parliament.

Former Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla tells Parliament shortly before her resignation.

She also, for the record, spoke about the work she has done in the 19th Parliament.

“The current 19th Parliament, under the leadership of President [and recently ousted Speaker] Mohamed Nasheed and with me as deputy, has made this Parliament the most transparent Parliament as well as the most cost effective Parliament in terms of MP expenses,” Abdulla said.