President Mohamed Muizzu has said the main governing coalition of the People’s National Congress (PNC) and the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) aims to secure a supermajority in parliament by winning at least 62 seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The President, speaking to local media after visiting polling stations at Henveiru Stadium to observe the progress of the Progressive Coalition’s parliamentary primary, said that such a victory could only be achieved with the support of the people.

“Hopefully we will win a super majority in the parliamentary elections and take at least 62 seats with the support of the people,” the President said.

All the milestones in the ‘Week 14’ roadmap are on track to be achieved and the administration is working to fulfil the promises made to the people by putting the interests of the people and the country first, Muizzu affirmed.

The number of administration aligned Member of Parliament (MPs), after Muizzu had won the presidential election, had fallen to four when coalition MPs were appointed to various positions within the Muizzu administration. However, 13 MDP members have since crossed the floor and joined the PNC giving the party a functioning minority in parliament.

The opposition MDP still holds the majority in the Parliament.