The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a warning to the public to be vigilant as various species of birds are expected to migrate through the Maldives during the winter season. Every year, different species of birds migrate to the country from across the world during the cold season.

The EPA issued an advisory highlighting that migratory species are protected under the Protected Species Regulation (2021/R-25), emphasising that capturing and caging the animals is prohibited under the regulation.

According to the state’s environmental watchdog, most of the bird species found in the Maldives are seasonal migrants. The protection of migratory birds is an important step towards increasing the biodiversity in the Maldives, the agency said.

The EPA further highlighted its concern that migratory birds may be captured for commercial and recreational exploitation, actions that would fall foul of the International Trade Controls on Endangered Species Act, ratified into law by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in July 2022.

The agency reminded the public to respect the laws and regulations in their interactions with nature.

Should any such bird seem to be in distress, the public have been urged to contact the EPA and any instances of illegal capture should also be reported to the agency via their hotline, to 7980379, or through email, at

Various species of non-native birds have migrated through the Maldives especially in recent years. These include falcons and owls.

In 2021, the attempted local sale of a flamingo, as a flock had migrated through the country, made headlines across the nation.