The FARUMA International Youth Art Festival has commenced at Maafannu Social Centre.

The festival, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment and the Maldivian Artists Community (MAC), was inaugurated yesterday (May 8th), by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Speaking at the special function, the President reiterated the government’s commitment to creating avenues for youth development in various skills and crafts, aiming to foster productive younger generations.

Acknowledging the significant contributions and invaluable services of past artists and skilled artisans, President Solih highlighted the rich history of the Maldives as a testament to their exceptional creativity and craftsmanship. He specifically underlined the remarkable work of coral stone carvers, lacquer artisans, carpenters, and boatbuilders.

The President stressed that genuine creativity involves nurturing human resources in diverse disciplines crucial for national development. He further pointed out that nations prosper with the aid of modern advancements driven by dedicated and industrious workforces possessing creative mindsets.

He also celebrated the participation of local talent, pointing out that their work plays a crucial role in empowering the administration’s commitment to building a skilled and productive workforce. He expressed the importance of every festival category that showcases the artisanship of local talent, highlighting its significance for national development.

FARUMA aims to offer a platform for talented individuals in the creative field to showcase their skills and establish valuable connections. It encompasses a diverse range of categories, including drawing, painting, digital art, animation, handicrafts, photography, videography, dance, music, food and culinary arts, as well as special talents.

This pioneering event has attracted participants from various countries, with over 80 artists representing eight different nations. It marks the first-ever art festival of its kind held in the Maldives. Attendees can look forward to captivating displays of artwork, live performances, engaging workshops, and more throughout the festival. Additionally, a marketplace will be available for visitors to directly purchase artwork and other creative products from the artists.

FARUMA International Youth Art Festival will continue at Maafannu Social Centre until May 13th.