Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) is looking to hire 22 doctors, 24 nurses, six lab technicians, and one attendant.

In an announcement made on Tuesday, the state-run hospital outlined the essential prerequisites for interested candidates. To be considered for the medical officer positions, applicants must meet the requirements for either rank seven or eight in the public service sector. These requirements include holding a basic medical degree recognised by the Maldives Medical and Dental Council, as well as completing an internship at a council-recognised medical institute. Applicants in rank eight should have a minimum of four years of relevant experience in addition to fulfilling the aforementioned criteria.

Upon selection, medical officers of rank seven will receive a monthly basic salary of MVR 18,129, along with an allowance of MVR 10,382. Moreover, they will be entitled to an additional MVR 281 per day of attendance. For rank 8 applicants, the basic salary will be MVR 20,004, accompanied by an allowance of MVR 11,456, and an attendance remuneration of MVR 310 per day. These amounts are exclusive of overtime pay or compensation for public holidays.

Aside from the medical professionals sought, IGMH has also announced job openings for an administrative assistant and an ambulance driver.

The deadline for doctors’ applications is set for 10 July, while nurses have until 11 July to submit their applications. Prospective candidates are encouraged to provide the required documents and meet the specified criteria to be considered for these vital positions.

IGMH, the largest government-owned tertiary care hospital in the Maldives, serves as a crucial healthcare facility catering to the medical needs of the nation. According to the hospital, by strengthening its workforce, it aims to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to patients.