The Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) has officially severed its coalition ties with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The decision was confirmed in an emergency meeting of the MDA Council, presided over by the party’s leader, Ahmed Siyam.

A resounding majority of 33 council members voted in favour of withdrawing their support from the MDP’s presidential candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. This decision effectively dismantles the coalition between the two parties. In contrast, a meagre two members opted to maintain the partnership. 

The council opted to endorse opposition candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu, who is running under the banner of the People’s National Congress (PNC) Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

The motion for this strategic shift was introduced by Council Member Mohamed Abbas and received support from Ali Mauroof, the Vice President of MDA.

During the council meeting, several members touched upon the changing political sentiment in the Maldives. Mauroof pointed out that the sizeable 15,000-vote margin by which an opposition candidate led over the incumbent government signalled a public mandate.

Mauroof highlighted that the political climate in the Maldives had become increasingly unfavourable for their former coalition partner. No other party had chosen to align with President Solih in the second round of the presidential election, a significant hindrance in the eyes of the MDA council. 

They noted MDP’s silence after a less than stellar performance in the first round, and a lull in their campaign activities, as signs of conceding defeat.

Given the current political landscape, MDA foresees a decisive win for Muizzu in the second round of the presidential elections, slated for this coming Saturday. “Our ultimate aim is national service, and we have aligned ourselves with the candidate who, we believe, is most likely to win,” Mauroof stated.

Ahmed Siyam, who has been relatively quiet on the campaign trail after the disappointing results in the first round, expressed his confidence that Muizzu shares MDA’s commitment to hard work. Instead, the mantle of campaign leadership within MDA has now fallen on Ali Mauroof and Founding Member Salim, who have been visibly active in second-round campaign events.