With the Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) parting ways with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), deciding instead to back the opposition candidate, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, the MDP remains steadfast in its commitment to contesting the presidency.

The MDA’s decision to withdraw support from the MDP was made at a the party’s national council meeting on Tuesday night, where 33 of the council members voted in favour of supporting Muizzu.

Fayyaz Ismail, the chairman of the MDP and current Economic Minister, responded to MDA’s decision in a late-night tweet on Tuesday. He expressed his gratitude to the MDA for their support in the first round of the campaign, emphasising that his party remains unwavering in the face of challenges. 

During the MDA’s critical national council meeting, three distinct proposals were presented: to reaffirm support for incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, to shift support to opposition candidate Muizzu, or to adopt a neutral stance and back neither candidate. A minority of two members each voted for the latter two options, underscoring the overwhelming support for Muizzu within the council.

MDA’s decision puts added pressure on the MDP as they prepare for the runoff election scheduled for this Saturday. The ruling party now faces a critical juncture, standing alone with only the Adhaalath Party as their remaining coalition partner.

According to Fayyaz, the MDP is a party that “always wins after faring rough seas,” indicating that their resolve remains intact.