President-elect Mohamed Muizzu has announced that his administration will comprise 22 ministries and confirmed the accuracy of the speculative list of 95 top administration appointees circulating in the media

Addressing the speculation surrounding the appointment of his senior administration officials, Muizzu said, “The circulating lists are approximately 90 percent accurate. In fact, the accuracy probably extends to 95 percent. There are minor discrepancies in the names, but it’s a small world after all.”

In an interview with Public Service Media (PSM) on the occasion of Republic Day, Muizzu said his administrations will have many ministries because he wants focused efforts and that results would justify his actions.

“I have been saying that the administration will be efficiently run even if there are many ministries. This is a team that will fulfil the promises made at every podium,” Muizzu said.

He outlined that, while the public will initially have their own different views on those coming into key positions within his administration, those in senior positions would be working towards a common vision without differing to anyone else but him. His team will be exemplary in fulfilling his pledges, Muizzu said.

Despite speculation about a decrease in the number of women in cabinet positions, Muizzu has indicated that his administration will feature a record number of women in senior roles. He revealed that six female appointees will assume leadership positions in several significant state-owned companies.

“There will be some newcomers. However, there will be no one without at least a first degree. There will be nine PhD holders and eight master’s degree holders. I have full confidence in every appointee’s ability to serve effectively in their respective roles,” he said.

Muizzu also reaffirmed his commitment to combating corruption within his administration, adding that he would take action against anyone involved in corruption, whether it be a minister or a company executive.

Despite the increase in the number of ministries under the new administration, Muizzu assured that the total number of political positions would remain comparable to that of the outgoing administration and its predecessor.

The president-elect is scheduled to take his oath of office on 17 November.