President Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to usher in a new era of bilateral relations between the Maldives and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in his address commemorating the 52nd Union Day of the UAE.

The President on Tuesday lauded the UAE’s remarkable transformation since its unification 52 years ago, attributing its success to the unity and shared vision of the Emirati people. He described the UAE as a beacon of progress and prosperity and a testament to the extraordinary spirit of the Emirati people.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the Maldives and the UAE. Over the years, the two countries have fostered an excellent relationship, which Muizzu emphasised as valuable and cherished. He cited the UAE’s recent commitment to provide additional funding for the expansion of Velana International Airport (VIA) as evidence of their steadfast partnership in development.

In addition to strengthening bilateral relations, Muizzu announced his upcoming attendance at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP28, in Dubai. He highlighted the critical nature of this conference, particularly for small island developing states (SIDS) like the Maldives. The President called for the operationalisation of the Loss and Damage Fund and the achievement of ambitious outcomes at the first-ever global stocktake. He stressed the need to unite the world to save our planet.

Muizzu concluded his address by expressing the Maldives’ support for the UAE in ensuring the success of COP28 and delivering concrete outcomes under the UAE Presidency.