An emergency motion has been submitted to Parliament calling on the Muizzu administration to hand over the land and flats allocated during the final days of the Solih administration to the people as soon as possible.

The emergency motion was submitted by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Galolhu South Meekail Ahmed Naseem. The motion was accepted for debate with votes from 29 members.

According to Naseem, the Muizzu administration has been disclosing information relating to land and flats in a confusing manner. The then opposition candidate and incumbent President Mohamed Muizzu has repeatedly said that he will not withdraw any land or flat awarded by the Solih administration during the last presidential campaign, Naseem said. Thousands voted for Muizzu, but his words have changed since he took office, with Minister of Housing, Land and Urban Development Ali Haidar Ahmed, having questioned the validity of the registrations of some land plots, Naseem said.

Naseem further noted that the minister had warned some plots may have to be revised and forms for the flats re-submitted, also highlighting that the 2024 National Budget, originally submitted by the Solih administration, does not include any expenditure to provide basic services to areas where land allocations have been made.

Designating dredging at Fushidhiggarufaru a new activity rather than a continuing one brings into question the intentions of the Muizzu administration, he said.

Instead of keeping the public in the dark, Naseem said that the current administration should swiftly hand over properties to those who had had been issued official documents of confirmation.

The Solih administration allocated land, and issued registrations, in Hulhumalé, Gulhifalhu and Giraavaru, and publicised a list of recipients of 4000 flats under Gedhoruveriya housing scheme. However, the Anti-Corruption Commission stopped the handover of the flats at the last minute, citing irregularities and launching a probe into the matter.

The new housing minister, Dr Ali Haidar Ahmed, said the Muizzu administration would review the flat list, noting that although no plots would be withdrawn, some may have to be relocated.