An extraordinary sitting of the Parliament concluded on Monday without the reconstitution of standing committees, as the composition of political parties represented in the legislative body is set to change following the departure of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and MP Ahmed Rasheed from the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

The second session of the Parliament adjourned prior to the Eid holidays, leaving unresolved legislative matters and pending national issues in a state of limbo. Concerns have been raised regarding the timely implementation of crucial policies as a result.

Responding to the urgency of the situation, the MDP requested an extraordinary sitting to form standing committees, amend the rules of parliament, and continue debate on no-confidence motions against the Speaker and Vice-Speaker.

In response to the party’s request, a parliamentary sitting was scheduled for Monday to address the establishment of standing committees. However, at the commencement of the sitting, presiding MP Hassan Afeef pointed out the departure of Nasheed and Rasheed from the MDP on the 21st of last month, stating that due to this change in party representation, the proposed formation of standing committees would need to be revised. For this reason, work on the composition of the committees failed to proceed during Monday’s sitting. Afeef further stated that the revised report would be circulated among members, and a new sitting would be convened to ensure equitable representation for all parties concerned.

The departure of 12 pro-Nasheed MPs from the MDP has necessitated a reshuffling of the standing committees within the parliament.

With the sitting adjourned and committees yet to be formed, the Parliament is set to reconvene at a later date to address these pressing concerns and chart a way forward. The stakes are high, as the nation awaits decisive actions to overcome the current impasse and return to a smooth legislative process.