President-elect Mohamed Muiz has said he has been satisfied with the Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration’s cooperation in the transition process.

“In short, I am satisfied. Perhaps [we should not expect] it to [all] be perfect. The President’s Office is giving a lot of cooperation. The Civil Service Commission has also been helpful… [The transitional phase] is going very well, I would say,” Muizzu commented.

All agencies have been giving their time and sharing information throughout the transition process, Muizzu highlighted, adding that he hopes to complete the work within the next month or so.

The Director General of Transition, and Chairman of the People’s National Congress (PNC), Abdul Raheem Abdullah is coordinating 15 committees that are expected to smoothly lead the Mohamed Muizzu administration’s transition into government, taking over from the outgoing Solih administration on 17 November 2023.